Peer-reviewed articles

“Rebel Resource Efficiency and the Escalation of Civil Conflict.”  2023.  Journal of Global Security Studies 8(1). (With Dongjin Kwak, Bryce Reeder, and John Smith) Link

Working Papers

“How Measures Matter: The Impact of Performance Measures on the Budget Cycle in Texas.”  (With James Harrington)

“Does Anyone Care About Performance Measures?  Legislator and Public Opinion on the Effect of Performance on Appropriations.” 

“Measuring the Performance of Performance Measures: What are the Results of Budgeting for Results in Illinois?” 

“Religious Freedom for Everybody, Everywhere, All the Time?  An Evaluation of the International Religious Freedom Act.” 

“Ag Aid in Aggregate: Agricultural Foreign Aid Effectiveness and the Macro-Micro Paradox.” 

“The Welfare Effects of Local Income Taxes Relative to Sales Taxes.”